Vanessa Hudgens Stripper Scene From Her Movie The


Here is Vanessa Hudgens showing off her hot little body in a stripper scene from the new movie "The Frozen Ground" and while she is not nude she isn't leaving much to the imagination. You can watch the scene of her dancing and doing her striptease on-stage as she showoff some serious moves. Vanessa Hudgens must be part slut too because she really know how to get her legs high up in the air. The crotch shot with Vanessa on her back and her leg up is all sorts of blood flowing body warming good. We have seen this chick naked before in many leaked pictures so a sexy stripping scene from a film might seem like a step backwards. But this scene is really really hot... Enjoy! Click on pictures to enlarge.

Vanessa Hudgens strip tease from "The Frozen Ground" movie:

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