Two Amateur Chicks Posing For A Few Pictures Before The Real Fun Start


Here are two amateur girls apparently looking to start an awesome night of hot debauchery. And wow, the Gutter Uncensored was just about two seconds away from becoming a lesbian photo blog while going though this set. I just wish this set had more pics so that we see what happened. And I wonder which one is the girl friend and which one is just the playmate. One thing is for sure, the guy behind the camera had a really good night with his girlfriend and the other woman. LOL... Sign me up for the young one, she is hot... I am guessing shr is the playmate. Anyway, remember to join the Gutter Uncensored fan page on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/GutterUncensoredPlus and feel free to leave a suggestion or comment there. And remember to send more interesting pictures and videos (of individuals 18 year-old or older) to GutterUncensored@yahoo.com ASAP. Click on pictures to enlarge.

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