Anthony Harrell From Brutha Leaked Jacking Off Masturbation Video


Anthony Harrell, The lead singer of Def Jam Records recording R&B group "Brutha" has a leaked masturbation video. The group have their own reality show on BET network titled "Brothers to Brutha" and Anthony Harrell stared on "Saved by the Bell: The New Class" late in the series run in the 90's. And apparently he like to jack off for chicks on SKYPE. In the leaked homemade video Anthony Harrell is seen in a bathroom video taping himself while giving his member a stretch.

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There have been a surge of male celebrities is such camwhoring pictures in recent weeks. But this one is worth posting here because it is a video and it seem to be a Gutter Uncensored exclusive. According to the Brothers to Brutha page on BET.com, he has a drinking problem so this video could be a result of him being drunk out of his mind. This guy was the skinny black kid (see cast pic above) from the second Saved by the Bell series. Bet no one thought they would ever see him like he is in this leaked video. He is now a singer and a usual on BET with his brother Grady. And in the 52 second below he demonstrate why the digital age is a bitch to those he like to document their sexual activities. Especially when you are a celebrity. It all started with this email to GutterUncensored@yahoo.com with parts omitted from an anonymous contributor:

This is ******* and I have something to share with the world!

Anthony Harrell known as the lead singer of Def Jam Records recording R&B group: "Brutha", their Reality show on The BET network: "Brothers to Brutha" and "Saved by the Bell" ............................................

Attached to this e-mail you will find 2 video's of him JACKING OFF ***********
SKYPE video-chat session. (in of of the vids you even hear him *********** while he beats his meat.) This video was recorded about 5 months ago.

There is also a rumor about him and his label lying about his age. (they say he's 22). Well he's actually "33" and all his other brothers around that age. They basically took 10 years off their age for them to appeal to young crowd. Proof of which is easily found by for example going to "IMDB" and look him up you can see his real age there. Also for him appearing on "Saved by the Bell" 16 years ago (while he was a teenager) should say enough.

I would like to stay anonymous please... !!!



Yup, sounds about right. Everyone these days lie about their age because anything over 30 is over the hill in the entertainment business. Young girls who are the fan base of "boy" bands don't want to see an old man sing and dance. Not sure they want to see an old man masturbate either but only time will tell. Anthony Harrell and the rest of Brutha will be on BET's 106 And Park today at 6:00 PM EST to premiere their 1st single "One Day On This Earth" of their new album Vacancy. So hopefully this video will spread far within 4 hours so that he will be ask about his extracurricular activies on SKYPE. By the way, here is the link to the 106 And Park connect discussion board. Have fun! Click on pictures to enlarge.

Video Screen Shots:

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Anthony Harrell From Brutha Leaked Jacking Off Video

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Anthony Tyler Harrell (born May 31, 1977 in Los Angeles, California, United States) is an American actor and singer. He is the lead singer of Def Jam Records recording R&B group Brutha. The group have their own reality show on BET network titled "Brothers to Brutha."

Harrell was on Saved by the Bell: The New Class
from 1996 to 2000. When the series was put on hold his career as an actor did not come to an end. He auditioned for the television series Passions but this happened without success. But he had guest roles in Any Day Now (2001), JAG (2001) and Buffy the Vampire Slayer (2002). He also had a supporting role in the film American Gun in 2002.

After he stopped acting to break through as a musician. He began to sing R & B with his brother Grady. Also they made an album.
Anthony his brother Grady and cousin Jeffery were a R&B group called Sernade and had a record deal with Dr. Dre until they were let go. Anthony and Grady signed with another record company and released an album in 1999. www.GutterUncensoredPlus.com


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